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Great Changes Ezine #11: Jumpstarting Positive Changes
April 10, 2012

Encouraging Changes Many People Desire

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Issue #11: April 10, 2012

Jumpstarting Positive Changes
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Jumpstarting Positive Change: truly requires a real desire to change, and be pro-active. DECIDE to start, START, and COMMIT to finish!

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How do you like your job and/or life? Are you content where you are today, and where you are going? Do you have a written plan, know where you're heading and will be in six months, two years, and ten years?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, congratulations! (This article may not be for you, but perhaps for someone you know.)

Honest Evaluation: When people choose to honestly and openly take their own "inventories", they often realize some/many things could be somewhat/much better. Perhaps their business, job or life isn't that productive, successful or fulfilling, and not something they're really proud of, for example.

Caution: Some people tend to be "over-critical" of themself, while others aren’t critical enough. This is why getting unbiased help is usually essential.

Don’t be embarrassed: It's quite common to feel unfulfilled in certain areas from time to time. In fact, some of us feel this way chronically.

Questions: Are we going to do something about this and, if not, why not? And if so, what and when?

Good Help is QUITE Helpful! Sound a bit funny or obvious? Truth is, many people often don't get very good help when they really need it. Perhaps the helper does not resonate, and is not the right person. But the right helper can help make all the difference.

The process of Jumpstarting Positive Changes has to do with a number of factors, such as 1) who/where we are today, 2) where we want "to go", 3) the obstacles in our way, and more. It's typically very hard to realistically figure all of this out on one's own.

Client Example: Neil Gordon, owner of Buzz on Biz, is one of my clients. After helping to evaluate Neil's and Buzz on Biz goals, strengths, and obstacles, we realized we needed to think about the future of his 2-hour radio show. NEGATIVES: 1) The show required a lot of time and money to produce, and 2) It was very hard to keep all of the time slots sold. POSITIVES: 1) Having the radio show is a plus for his clients and the Buzz brand, and Neil didn’t want to stop producing it. CONCLUSION: After we considered various other options, Neil decided cutting it back to a 1-hour show per day would cut his costs significantly, he could much more easily sell all of his time slots, and be left with a lot of time to grow other aspects of his business.

As the cliché says: "Less is more". There are always ways to become more successful with less effort IF it's well thought out.

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