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Great Changes Ezine - #3: Is Economy Causing Depression?
July 28, 2011

Encouraging Changes You Desire

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Issue #3: July 28, 2011

Is The Economy Making You Depressed?

Summary: The economy we're still suffering through has taken a toll on virtually all of us. Many people have lost their businesses or jobs, or have become underemployed. Many people are "underwater" with their homes, owing more than they are worth. Whether this has happened to you (or others you are close to), it's a struggle that impacts all of us.

Are you feeling that life is "getting old"? That you're getting tired or fearful that you're merely treading water? That the future seems increasingly uncertain? If so, it just doesn't need to stay that way!

It's Not Uncommon to Feel Down these Days: It's no wonder that the use of anti-depression medication is increasing. Even in a good economy, it's common for some people to get depressed for periods of time, due to various situations that occur to them.

Furthermore, our minds do not always think logically. Some of the brightest and most successful people get severely depressed because they overanalyze their deficiencies. If this happens to successful people, then anyone can get depressed about his or her situations too, if we let this happen.

Some Problems with Depression: Depression can feed on itself. It can cause people to procrastinate, or not think carefully. Procrastination and poor thinking can lead to more depression, and become a vicious cycle, and this can spiral downward quickly.

Caution: Depression can even be life threatening; if you experience suicidal (or other destructive) thoughts, seek professional counseling right away!

Good News About Depression! The vast majority of depression is considered "situational", caused by events people go through, rather than a biological or genetic imbalance. Cognitions are "thoughts" and the theory of cognitive therapy is that if you keep thinking depressing thoughts, you'll become depressed. And if you learn to have more pleasant thoughts, your depression will subside. Most people that have depression will eventually get past it.

My Own Experience: I suffered from depression a number of years ago, caused by a number of negative personal, family and business situations occurring simultaneously. I went to a counselor; he recommended I read a book called "Feeling Good – the New Mood Therapy". This book helped me learn better thought patterns, which lead me to making better decisions, and smarter actions.

Learning how to better control your thoughts and actions can really be helpful to both yourself, and others. This was part of the reason I decided to become a business coach - to help people get through various challenges that I learned to overcome. This includes setting written goals, overcoming fears, gaining more confidence and taking smarter, yet bolder actions! I believe it can greatly help depression (or just having the occasional "blues") subside, too!

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