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November 27, 2013

Encouraging Changes People Desire

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Issue #25: November 27, 2013

Be Thankful and Grateful at
Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving is tomorrow as I write this article. We are in the Holiday Season. In various ways, these are reminders of how we can become more successful in our businesses, as well as our careers and personal lives!

Thinking negative thoughts is not attractive. It's the opposite of being thankful and grateful. Who really wants to be around people that complain and feel sorry for themselves much of the time, someone with a "bad attitude"?

We all faces challenges, but thinking of ourselves or others as losers or martyrs, or thinking how bad the world is, just makes for a miserable and often unsuccessful life, both for us and those around us.

Some of us get upset way too easily. Perhaps we set our goals too high, and get really frustrated when we "fail". Perhaps we make ourselves upset because we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the reason, we CAN improve our attitude if we work on it.

"Attitude is everything." Who are the people we most want to be around and help? Aren't they the thankful and grateful people with good attitudes?!?! Could you benefit by becoming more thankful and grateful?

Being Thankful and Grateful leads to more success! Most people who are successful – happy, helpful, productive, financially secure through their own ethical efforts, etc. – are people who "naturally" attract people to them, people that are nice to be around. They are more likely to be sought after and given more good opportunities.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do: becoming more thankful and grateful leads to a better business, career and life for yourself and others.

Ready to Start Now? Write a Gratitude List - a list of the many things we are thankful and grateful for. Do you have good health? Are you in a happy relationship with a "significant other"? Do you have a nice circle of friends? What things are you looking forward to? Write them all down and then start working to memorize them!

As we think about it, we likely have many, many things in our lives that are quite positive. Writing them down and reading them often will help us become more thankful and grateful for what we do have. As we make this ingrained, people notice a positive change, and we become more attractive.

One more suggestion: Many of us wait until the end of the year to make New Year’s Resolutions, which are usually forgotten by February.

Resolutions are goals, and goals should be thought about at least weekly, if not several times a day.

Being thankful and grateful is also something that should be thought about many times a day.

Make a resolution to consciously become more thankful and grateful. Focus on your gratitude list at least once a day, especially when negative thoughts start to come.

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