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Great Changes Ezine #4: Use Time Better!
September 01, 2011

Encouraging Changes You Desire

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Issue #4: September 1, 2011

It's Time To Use Time Better

Summary: What is our most important asset? It's not money, nor the things we own. And it's not the key people in our life, even though they ARE important.

TIME is what we all have a limited amount of, and we should use time very wisely. When we do, we can achieve more and be much more content with whatever we pursue.

The "Secrets" of Good Time Management: Being PRODUCTIVE with our time involves three interrelated keys factors. When studying people who use time well, we find they 1) do the IMPORTANT THINGS that THEY need to do, 2) work in EFFICIENT ways, and 3) DELEGATE things to others when appropriate.

It's NOT just about Working Hard: Most of us work hard, long hours. And what do we often have to show for it? All too often, we are barely able to pay our bills. Or, even if the bills can get paid, there's not enough left to save for a decent retirement some day. Most people can do much better if they commit to developing a few new habits.

Careful Planning is Critical: It's vital to think through and plan out the three key factors. Ask yourself: 1) What ARE the important things I need to do? 2) Do I work efficiently and effectively? 3) What makes sense to delegate?

These are the key questions. But if you don't come up with the best answers on your own, you're "leaving money on the table"; you won't be doing your best. Consider seeking some outside assistance.

Are you Ready to Use Your Time Better? The Good News is that if you have a strong desire to do better in your pursuits, the time and effort required will pay you back many times over. After learning and practicing a few time management skills, it will become routine. And you will wish you learned them sooner!

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