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Great Changes Ezine, Issue #2 - Up For a Good Challenge?
July 14, 2011

Encouraging Changes You Desire

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Issue #2: July 14, 2011

Are YOU Up for a Good Challenge?

Summary: We all have opportunities that could improve our businesses, careers and personal lives (whether we realize it, or not). If we choose to face these opportunities as challenges in well thought out ways, there is NO LIMIT what we can achieve! Are YOU up for a good challenge?

If you're quite content with your situation, this article may not be for you. But if you're open to thinking about (and writing down) your goals, you'll later learn how (with some support from others) you can achieve more of what you desire!

"If it's that easy, everyone would do it!" Most people never achieve greatness. Why? Many reasons including 1) no real planning, 2) having many obstacles in the way, 3) lack of desire, and more. Are YOU willing to work to make "the most of yourself"?

"You can't keep a good man down." But certain people always seem to have good luck. It's because they CAPITALIZE on the "luck" that comes their way. Have you noticed that people that work the hardest and smartest get the most luck? Over time, people tend to get what they deserve; even in difficult times, the American Dream can still be achieved.

Get the point? Those that are most successful 1) write down their goals (and then keep VISUALIZING achieving them), 2) work "harder AND smarter", 3) are quite resilient and persistent, 4) realize they don't have all the answers, and pro-actively seek help from experienced people that give great advice, 5) find people to hold them accountable, and 6) are up for a good challenge!

Case Study: Neil Gordon is one of my clients. He has come a long way growing the "Buzz on Biz" in a relatively short time. We challenge each other about how and when Neil should add more positives to his business: more things to offer, more high value clients, more professionals to his staff, and more efficiencies to his operations. I expect greater and greater things to come from the Buzz on Biz, as we continue to challenge each other. I'm truly proud how Neil is growing, and am proud to be working with him!

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