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Great Changes Ezine #6: Consider a Business Coach
November 03, 2011

Encouraging Changes You Desire

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Issue #6: November 3, 2011

Consider Hiring a Business Coach

Summary: Are you trying to improve your business or career? Consider working with someone experienced, such as a business coach, but do your homework first. Using the following as a guide could change your life!

Figure out what you want: Do you know your primary goals and objectives? Do you feel your business or career should be doing better, but aren't sure what steps to take? Or do you know what you should be doing, but are avoiding it for some reason? In any case, working with a business coach will help you figure out what you want AND help motivate you to take action.

A business coach does NOT need to be local: Many people think that business coaches must be close by. This is not true in most cases because: 1) Much business coaching is done over the phone and Internet, and 2) Limiting your search for a business coach to your local area is limiting your search; you may not consider someone who could be a real good fit for you.

"Date" Your Coach First: I suggest you find one who will give you an initial free session and who you will initially work with on a small, low-cost project; this way you'll really see how well you work together.

No Two Coaches are "Created Equal": Think of finding and hiring a business coach almost like choosing a doctor, or even dating and marrying a spouse. It's a real important decision. The goal is to find one you can trust, respect and be real open with.

Business coaches are people and each one speaks, thinks, and acts differently than others. Some coaches are "dry", while others may be pleasantly entertaining on occasion! :-) You want to pick one that you can be really open with, gives you guidance, and feels right for you.

Good Luck in your Search to Find a Business Coach: Hopefully I've provided some "food for thought". Do you have questions? If so, just pick up the phone and call me at 571-331-6102.

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Consider Hiring a Business Coach

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