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Great Changes Ezine, Issue #001 -- You Want IT?
May 04, 2011

Guiding You Toward Changes You Want

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Issue #1: May 4, 2011

Welcome to this FIRST ISSUE of Great Changes Ezine! I thought I'd kick it off by writing a short article called:


Do you really, really want IT? What is IT, you might be asking yourself? ITís that important thing you think about from time to time, or maybe ALL THE TIME. ITíS that thing thatís truly within your reach, not some pie-in-the-sky dream like winning the $100 million lottery.

Maybe youíve only started to think about IT recently, or maybe ITíS been on your mind for years. Thatís not the point, because ITís something that keeps coming back to your thoughts. You tell yourself you want IT, but you havenít obtained IT, at least not yet.

So I wonder: Do you REALLY, REALLY WANT IT? Because if you do, whatís stopping you from really pursuing IT? Here are my questions:

ē Have you thought IT through? As they say: ĎThe Devilís in the detailsĒ. Unless you know your goals, and make a plan to make IT happen, youíre much less likely to act and get IT.

ē Are you avoiding IT? Many of us are procrastinators, who wait and wait and wait to do the things that would be great to do.

ē Does thinking of IT make you a bit nervous? As they say: ďChange can be hard.Ē Weíre all creatures of habits, so doing or having something new can be stressful.

ē Are you concerned about costs of IT? Obtaining new things and making changes typically have costs associated with them, whether itís time, effort or money.

Even if IT will be really good for you, and well worth doing or achieving, that doesnít mean youíll ever have IT. WHY IS THAT?

People make changes for two reasons: 1) We HAVE TO, and 2) We WANT TO. But in reality, people donít always do things they have to do, because they donít want it enough.

So, in conclusion: You will more likely get IT, when you REALLY, REALLY WANT IT.

And when you WANT IT enough, you'll TRULY COMMIT!

Here are three ways to help you commit: 1) Tell one or more people close to you that you intend to do IT (and by when),

2) Contact a Coach to help and encourage you to accomplish IT, and

3) make plans and start taking action.

"There are no reasonable limits to what you
can accomplish, no matter what IT is!"

Thanks for signing up for Great Changes Ezine. I'm writing this for YOU.

I encourage you to contact me and let me know how you like it and what you'd like me to write about in future issues.

Until next month,
Larry Rudwick

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