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Great Changes Ezine #12: Education and Training
May 30, 2012

Encouraging Changes People Desire

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Issue #12: May 30, 2012

Education and Training
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Education should be improved in America these days. Our schools are ranked 20th to 30th against other countries. Many businesses are poor at training their employees. We could be doing much better. To improve our future, keep learning valuable skills and spread your knowledge to others. And give people opportunities to use their skills, whenever possible.

Goal Setting: I often talk about the importance of setting written goals, but that's just one vital step. The devil's in the detail; to really succeed, we must break goals down to manageable tasks, and attach timetables to these steps. And don't forget: Learn new skills and hone your skills!

Improving Businesses: If you're a business owner or manager, first ask yourself:

'Are all of my employees right for the position they're in? Do they have the potential, desire and motivation to grow their skill levels in needed areas? Has the business made them fully aware of what to learn over the next 6 months or year? Is there a well-thought out system that encourages them to learn effectively?'

Unfortunately, very few businesses can honestly say "YES" to all of these questions. Those that can are likely the leaders in their markets.

Family Life: We must remember that our personal life affects our business life, and vice versa. Remember what happened to Tiger Woods when his family life fell apart? His golf game fell apart.

Similar to business, the parents/managers must first agree on the rules and expectations. Then all family members/employees must learn and abide by them. Don't teach your children they'll get their way if they complain, or kick and scream. Instead, reward your children for good behavior and actions. Figure out how to make important goals/requirements desirable and fun.

It's amazing how much people can learn at a very early age. When I taught my oldest son to ride a bicycle at age 5, his 2-1/2 year old brother kept saying "Teach me!". Believe it or not, at 2 years and 8 months, that son could ride a bicycle (with no training wheels) while he was STILL WEARING DIAPERS!

The TWO types of basic knowledge are 1) technical, general knowledge and 2) people skills. People generally fall more into one category or the other. People with technical knowledge can "do things". People with "people skills" are good at developing effective working and personal relationships with people. Often, people with technical skills don't realize their people skills are lacking, or may feel it's not that important.

The reality is, to get ahead, it's sometimes more important WHO you know than WHAT you know. In addition, a little more knowledge in the area where we're weak can have a tremendous impact on our success.

In summary, be conscious of yourself, and ask for help! You may or may not be a born student or teacher. Reach out to people that can help you figure out what new things to master. With proper desire, focus, knowledge, and habits, you will achieve things that may amaze you. I know; I've done this myself!

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