Step 4 - Making Great Changes Videos

You are about to watch the "Making Great Changes Videos" full version presentation. I hope you find it makes you focus and think about an area of your life you would like to improve.


° Introduction, Getting To Know Yourself Better, Getting to Know Larry, Patents 1-3, Growing a Business, Lessons Taught, and Lesson Learned

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Steps to Jumpstarting Your Business Career and Personal Life
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° Better Understanding of Self, Generalities of Life Today, Achieve Higher Performance, Question to Think About, Most Wants Some Changes


° Who We Are, What NOT to Change That Much, What to CONSIDER Changing, Interrelation of Thoughts & Attitudes & More, Why We AVOID Change


° Why We DO Make Changes, The BASICS of Change


° How To Jumpstart Change, 10 Questions That Can Improve Your Life, Conclusions

Step 5 - Talk with Coach Larry

I hope you found the videos helpful, and they made you focus on some new thoughts, or areas you may have been avoiding, for some reason(s). If so, would you like to prepare to do STEP 5, have a one-on-one phone chat/coaching session with me?

What would we talk about?

Answer: That's really up to you. But I suggest you focus on the first two questions of the Executive Assessment:

1) What are your short term (under 6 months), medium term (6 months to 3 years) and long term (over 3 years) goals?

2) And what obstacles to do feel are getting in the way of, slowing down the steps to reaching or exceeding your goals?

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