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Great Changes Ezine #15: Embrace Your Fears!
August 23, 2012

Encouraging Changes People Desire

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Issue #15: August 23, 2012

Don't Be Afraid to
Embrace Your Fears!

Our Fears Determine Our Success! I'll repeat it: "Our fears determine our success, both in business and in our personal lives." Therefore, acknowledging our fears, and learning to "deal" with some of them, is something we should all work on and master. Our fears do affect us, and can slow us down, or stop us in our tracks. Let's examine this closer.

Fear isn't Good or Bad: Many people think fear is bad because it indicates weakness. They think being strong is good, and real strong people don't have fear. Neither of this is true.

It's basic human nature to avoid things we're afraid of; many of us live that way. But by doing so, we lose out. We avoid many things that are actually good for us, even if we don't realize it at first.

Fear is a feeling. Although many of us (more often men) have been taught to ignore our feelings, such as fear, there are downsides to ignoring our feelings. Our feelings are still there, but just buried, and will often express themselves in undesirable and unintended ways, not necessarily even being conscious of it.

Think of fear as a "warning sign". Fear tells us to pay attention and think things through - think before you leap. Fear suggests we focus on the stressful situation we're facing, and figure out what actions to take to move forward.

But warning signs are sometimes incorrect. Some of us are overly fearful, and fear things that few others fear. This problem often causes fearful people to avoid many things that could help make them more adjusted, educated and happy.

And some of us have "no fear". We take risks without realizing we may be putting ourselves and/or others in peril.

Fear of Certain People: Sometimes we have to deal with people we considerate difficult, but powerful and important. Powerful people may hold the key to our success and that fact alone may cause us fear. Learning to deal with these types of fears in constructive ways creates confidence, which helps create success. And more success leads to more confidence, a positive cycle!

How I Dealt with a Fear: Much of my life, I've been nervous about flying. Even though I rationally know that flying on a large commercial airplane is statistically the safest way to travel long distances, air turbulence can really get to me. Recently I read a book called "Unleash the Warrior Within" by Mack Machowicz, a trained Navy Seal. His book discusses some of the very frightening things he learned to master during his training. After reading it, the next time I flew and we hit turbulence, I no longer was nervous and thought to myself 'Bring on the next air pocket. I'm ready for it!'

Learning to Better Deal with Fear: Because we all have fears, there are lots of ways to learn to deal with them. These include books, videos, classes, support groups, therapists, business coaches, consultants and more.

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