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Great Changes Ezine #14: Golden Rules for Getting Ahead!
August 19, 2012

Encouraging Changes People Desire

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Issue #14: August 19, 2012

Golden Rules For Getting Ahead

After working with many people over the years, I've noticed what makes people likely succeed in business and life. I call these the "Golden Rules for Getting Ahead". Remember that our business life and our personal life are quite interrelated; improving one typically helps improve the other.

Family First: Most people's #1 goal is to have a nice, successful life. The specifics always vary. But since our family normally includes the people we are closest to, it is extremely important to prioritize your family over your work. Include your family in major decisions that will directly and indirectly affect them, including business decisions.

Our closest relationships will have the greatest impact on our overall success. Helping others, and maintaining a positive attitude will improve the quality of our lives and those around us; it's a win-win.

Know Your Goals: 3% of people write down their goals, and those 3% own HALF of the world's wealth! The importance of writing down one's goals can't be overstressed.

Communications and Continued Growth: Great communications is vital, and can always be improved. How well we communicate with others, and when we choose to communicate, will greatly impact the quality of our relationships. As long as we remain mentally healthy, we always have the ability to learn. Try to learn something from everything we say and do.

Stay Centered and Focused: When we lose focus and are not centered, we're wasting time and energy, which is extremely costly. Learn to become more conscious of our goals, and whether we're staying on course and on task. Try to avoid being too extreme and inflexible.

Emotions: Who doesn't get depressed, have various degrees of ADD, and/or find it easy to procrastinate from time to time? We can learn to control our emotions better. And, with practice, they become good habits.

Gratitude: It's easy to feel sorry for one's self. But most of us have plenty to be grateful for. See your situation as half-full rather than half-empty; this will greatly help your attitude, and will attract people to you, rather than potentially push them away.

To combat depression, compile a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. You'll likely be surprised how many things will get on your gratitude list. Read it to daily, or whenever you are starting to feel down.

Get Support from Others, and reciprocate: Many people don't realize how helpful others can be, and what a great feeling it is to help another person. There are many support groups we can join, many for free. Have one or more mentors, advisers, coaches and/or consultants that you are open with; they will help you find new opportunities you hadn't thought of. Two heads are better than one, but pick your "other heads" carefully!

Be Productive and Valued: We get ahead when we accomplished things, and get compensated (one way or another) by people that truly value what we achieve that they need and want. One without the other is not enough.

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