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Let's face it! Everyone's business, career and life has areas that could be improved. No one is perfectly happy or content. The real question for you is: What are you doing to improve your situation? Is this something that you're interested in finding out more about and possibly working on?

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I have refined a process that's helped many people improve their situations, including their businesses, careers, and/or various aspects of their lives.

I also give speeches on what making change is really about, as well. The 6 points below is some of what I discuss when I speak.

Please listen to a short message about "Making Great Changes Happen":

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I apply the following principles and steps to a variety of challenges, from business and career issues to relationship coaching. Here is a summary of what "Making Great Changes Happen" is all about!

Life today is very different than it was 10-20 years ago. For many of us, it has become more complex over time. We can work from anywhere, and stay in touch with everyone, almost anytime.

This has made life more distracting and confusing in many respects. It's sometimes hard or virtually impossible to figure out what's really most important, which often leads to some degree of frustration, lack of focus, and procrastination, making great changes happen much harder to achieve.

If this sounds like you to some degree, I suggest you consider taking a bit of time to stand back and reflect on your goals. And ask yourself (perhaps again):

"Would you be willing to make a few simple changes to
improve your business, career and/or personal life?"

If you answered YES, then you are like most people, who ARE open to making changes, provided they're not too time consuming, costly, or hard to understand or accomplish.

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What's "Making Great Changes Happen" About?

Here's a radio interview I gave previewing a talk I was about to give about making change:

I've broken down making positive changes into 6 basic topics; I think they're pretty simple to understand.

1. What NOT to Change (that much): It's NOT about changing your core values and beliefs, such as whether you are a "pleaser", or are "frugal" by nature. Your core values are not likely to change much, if at all.

2. What to CONSIDER Changing: your thoughts, attitude, influences, focus, actions, motivation, etc. Good News: Improving just one of these can positively impact the rest!

3. Why we AVOID Change: inertia, fear, the details, costs. If you're avoiding change, but really DO want to change, this is when a qualified person can be very constructive to you.

4. Why we DO Make Changes: 1) It's desired. 2) It's required. It's usually much better to do it pro-actively, when you desire it, rather than have it forced on you.

5. The BASICS of Change: know where you're at, know where you want to go, make plans, be emotionally ready, start the process, monitor progress, and adjust the plans as necessary. Making sure each step is done well is sooo important.

6. A SIMPLE PROCESS to start Making Changes: Get focused. Use a system that guides you through the BASICS of Change, and do it with an experienced "change agent"!

Note: Knowing Your Strengths and Passions is important in this process. This radio segment discusses how to do this:

Note: Knowing Your Weaknesses and Dislikes is also important in this process. This radio segment discusses how to do this:

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Is "Making Great Changes Happen" that Simple?

Perhaps you're thinking: "'Larry The Tune Up Guy' is oversimplifying. Change is HARD. What's the catch?"

Well, you ARE right! The "devil's in the details". Since I don't know your goals and obstacles in your way, etc., I can't promise it will be a "breeze", but it's usually much easier than we think!

And if you've been procrastinating making necessary change, you've probably built it up in your mind how hard it will be. And the more you think it will be hard, the harder it WILL likely be! Starting the process is often the hardest part.

But one thing can truly help us do new things; it's when we're truly INSPIRED to do something. Does this video inspire you at all?

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If you go away with one take-away from this page, I hope it is that making great changes happen can be easier and more pleasant than many of us may think!