Benefits of Business Coaching

Here is a partial list of the many benefits of
business coaching and consulting to the client.

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* Virtually all top athletes and business professionals have coaches ... *

Successful business people and successful people in general, typically have well-thought-out career goals objectives and personal goals they want to meet and exceed. Having a professional independent coach to give unbiased feedback is an important part of learning, growing, and another outlet of support. See our smart goals homepage to better understand the general steps.

Looking at alternative solutions to challenges, with an experienced business coach or consultant to bounce ideas off of, is another one of the benefits of business coaching. Just one good idea, not thought of before, when properly implemented, can make a big positive difference one person, and the many people she's closely connected with!

Goal Setting: In the corporate world, carefully defining the business or career goals objectives, making strategic plans to achieve the objectives, and then putting it all in writing, should efficiently and effectively start setting the plans to action. That's one of the keys. An objective person from outside can often see things that have been overlooked for years, and help improve the "normal course" one has been on for a long time.

The effective business coach is encouraging, helpful and supportive each step of the way. The coach questions, challenges, monitors, gives plenty of feedback, and is empathetic especially during difficult situations.

It's truly like having extra eyes, ears, and an "extra brain" who is highly trusted - looking out from a different vantage point and perspective. Coaching is very helpful (AND challenging) when guiding the client around (and sometimes through) potential dangers.

But even "good times" has its potential downsides! Ironically, good times can sometimes lead to procrastination and depression and complacency. After all, who doesn't know of some people (often in the entertainment field) who, after becoming financially successful, change in some negative directions. They may destroy their closest relationships, gamble away their fortune, succumb to other bad habits or addictions, etc. Some people, when they acquire too much, it is TOO MUCH for them to handle.

Money doesn't "buy happiness" (although in our dreams it might). By having a support of a trusted, close coach/consultant (and others) who are truly looking out for one's interests, as they see and caution against dangers looming ahead, this may help minimize or even avert them from happening.

Do you think you're capable of receiving the benefits of business coaching? Do you think you're coachable? (Not everyone is.) If you're curious, take this two-minute quiz and find out: Am I coachable?

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Additional Benefits of Business Coaching and Consulting

Some of the benefits of business coaching people can achieve on their own by reading various pages on this website. When motivated, they often will do the free 5-Step jumpstart.

  • Setting Goals: One of the first steps is working through some goal setting activities. We all can benefit by writing down what our realistic short-term and long-term goals.

  • Increased Revenues/Growth: Virtually every businesses could benefit from more revenue, if it's profitable revenue. But most businesses leave "money on the table" by overlooking things that may be more obvious to others.
  • Personal Growth: Better communications skills and improving relationship skills with people, are two areas that help in all facets of our lives. In addition, since time is so limited, improved time management in the workplace and outside of work, will also bring many rewards.
  • More Income/Profit/Value: In business, the bottom line (profit) often matters more than revenue. Another one of the benefits of business coaching is the client is encouraged to build the business in ways that give it more value if sold to another party some day.
  • Clearer priorities and help creating a strategic plan. "The devil's in the details". If we don't prioritize what's most important to do, what's the chances we'll do what's most important?
  • Improved Leadership Skills and Communication: Great leaders and employees want to be "winners" and work for one, too. Management's role should be to make this happen and help to encourage its associates to become better team players. An experienced outsider often has a number of advantages in encouraging this to happen.
  • More Positive Recognition within an organization AND within its community (outside the organization) will help people working for that organization feel better and take pride AND - - will bring in new sales and opportunities to that organization.
  • Healthier Work Environment both physically and emotionally, will normally improve productivity and the bottom line, too. "Work CAN and SHOULD be enjoyable and challenging in positive ways, at least part of the time!"
  • More Time Away from Work: Work CAN be fun, but there IS a big, exciting world out there, too. If we don't often get to experience this, I often suggest making this a key goal! Did you ever think one of the benefits of business coaching can be working less?!?!
  • Happier Work and Personal Life: Work, for most of us, is a necessary and vital part of life, and not just for financial reasons. Working smarter AND more productively can make you happier and leave more time and resources for A LIFE outside of work! And those positive feelings at work will likely carry over to your personal life, and those around you, too!

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My Mission as a Business Coach and Consultant

I am very interested in encouraging open-minded, motivated people to set and achieve their goals. Are these benefits of business coaching intriguing to you? If so, fill out the form below, and I will personally respond back to you. Larry Rudwick, your coach.

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