Business Tune Up Executive Coaching, Consulting Services

What is the definition of a "business tune up"? My meaning is to "make
positive changes to restore or improve the performance of a business".
The specific process depends on a particular client's needs and desires.

Business Tune Up - various methods, clients

•  Individuals looking to gain more clarity and focus in their lives.

•  Corporate Executives wanting to be more satisfied in their job or career, or wanting help in considering changes in their job or career choice, sometimes known as "career coaching".

•  Businesses and Organizations that want to set new goals and attain results they should know they are capable of but haven't been achieving.

Regardless of the client, the main goal is to assist the client to "do better". The approaches used will be similar in some ways and may be different in other ways. If you would like our executive coaching, tri-fold brochure, click on the illustration below.

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Small Business Consulting Brochure
GENERAL APPROACHES: Normally, when prospects have an interest in finding out how a "business tune up" may benefit them, we typically schedule an initial consultation, a complimentary call.

If the prospect has interest in taking the next step, it would likely be to take one of the Business Assessments.

And then do some Goal Setting Activities, to specify goals clearly in writing.

After the assessment(s) have been completed and the goals have been determined, the client works with me, using one or both of the following:

BUSINESS LEADERSHIP COACHING: The coaching process utilizes various methods to help and encourage the client to grow, become more productive, and inspire others. Coaches do not need to have expertise in the client's field, because coaching primarily involves helping people improve universal skills needed in business and life: leadership, management, communications, etc. For more information, please see Business Leadership Coaching.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: The consulting process involves DOING work for the client's business. It can range from producing studies, discussing technical information, offering specific suggestions, etc. See Business Management Consulting for a list of services that have been provided to clients.

CAREER COACHING: As mentioned, I also work with executives who are unfulfilled in their current positions, or are currently unemployed. The process helps to uncover one's strengths and passions, and often helps clients move in new, more rewarding directions.

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Before BusinessTune-Ups agrees to work with a new client on a continuing basis, we want to understand initial goals, expectations and needs.

Our clients' realistic needs, preferences and decisions will best determine what services will be appropriate during different parts of the engagement.

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