Finding the Best Talent for Your Growing Business

A growing business is like a baseball team. Finding the best talent is critical.
Building a winning team is a constant challenge. There are several ways
to acquire your talent and improve the performance of your team.

Finding the Best Talent Can
Come from Almost Anywhere

1. Develop Talent from Within Your Organization

Winning baseball teams practice the basics, and smart coaches are always looking for ways to improve performance levels. Before a player is signed by a major league team, he has probably played one of more seasons in the little league, youth league, high school, college, or minor league.

In business, there are often people within your organization that possess corporate knowledge and experience, who are ready to "step up to the plate". Sometimes finding the most talented people is right there in front of you, but not always so obvious!

2. Seek out Obvious Talent

While coaches often travel great distances to recruit talented players at the high school or college level, the most well-known players are the most likely targets of recruiters. Know what venues top talent in your field came through and look there. For example, a research lab might find future talent in local science fair winners. Those who are open to seeking outside help in obtaining the best talent are increasing their chances to do so.

3. Look for Hidden Talent

Many heartwarming sports dramas have told the story of a superstar with hidden talent. Talent can be hidden by geography, age, disability, or prejudice. Everyone by now must know the story of Susan Boyle, whose amazing singing voice got discovered in her 40s! Boy, was her talent hidden for a long time.

4. Hold Open Tryouts

Some sports teams hold open tryouts for anyone interested in joining the team. In business, unpaid interns may reveal hidden talents while saving payroll costs. Finding the best talent can be hiding in plain site!

5. Don't Forget Left Field

Especially with creative talent, some of the best people don't necessarily project the best image. But quirky freelance creative types can bring new life and excitement to a business. Don't always judge a book by its cover when looking for and finding the best talent.

6. Maintain What You've Got

The continued success of your business can be seriously undermined by bad morale or turnover. Experienced employees may feel threatened by new hires, especially if the new hire was given a position the experienced one wanted. Finding the best talent can be invigorating, but losing the best talent is usually demoralizing.

7. Remember the Tried and True

Going through a stack of modern resumes can shake anyone's faith in the educational system. But after weeding out the obvious rejects, there may be a few gems. Tweak you employment ads to attract applicants with the qualities that are important to you. One business with a reputation for "taking applications" improved the number and quality of applicants with the heading "Start work today!" That heading let people know there were immediate openings, and the ones that applied were ready and able to work.

Make successful procedures become habits after they have been proven to work. Learning how to attract top talent makes every season a winning season!