Business Management Consulting

Business management CONSULTING is much
different than business COACHING.

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Business Coaching assumes the client "deep down" already has the information to figure out good solutions with some assistance. The coach's thoughtful questions triggers the client to methodically come up with "the answers" to the client's challenges. The goal of the coach is to help the client achieve "Ah Hah" moments; this is when the client starts putting the "pieces of the puzzle" together.

Business Consulting requires that the consultant have some specific knowledge in the client's business/industry. This gives the consultant abilities to do direct work for the client. Below are examples of projects and types of work that BusinessTuneUps sometimes does for its clients.

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Sales and Marketing Assistance

What is the weak link in your organization? Is it "production" or "sales and marketing"? In other words, are you flooded with business and can't handle it all? Or do you need more business, because your facility is underutilized?

If your business is like about 99% of all other businesses, you could use more profitable sales. Read more about Sales and Marketing.

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Business Plans

Does your company have a business plan? Don't be ashamed it it doesn't! Most small businesses are "run by the seat of their pants" without a written plan.

"So, what's wrong with that anyway?", you may wonder. Read more about Business Plans.

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Do YOU need a new website? Find out more about what we do and
more about websites.

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Other Business Management
Consulting Services

There are many other business services we offer such as:

•  Writing and/or Editing of policies, procedures, and job descriptions. Check out these nice writing tips!

•  Marketing Materials, classified ads and websites. We may be able to assist you with graphics and printing as well.

•  Sales Staff Interviewing and training, including telesales and telemarketing.

•  Radio Interviews I have been on radio programs and discussed my services. Go from "Business Services" to "Business News Radio"

•  Seminars and Talks I am available to talk on subjects discussed on this website. Go to "Business Seminars"

•  Other Services Feel free to inquire about business services not mentioned on this website! More about Other Business Services.

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