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This list of small business ideas can help start or improve a business or career. Are you considering starting a new business? Or do you already have a business or career that you would like to enhance? Want some hot new business ideas, or need to write a proposal? You may not want to find a business coach or consultant, but this executive business coaching website continues to be helpful to many. So enjoy!

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List of Small Business Ideas -
Before Starting/Improving a Business

A list of small business ideas may help you before taking the plunge of opening a new business, or enhancing the one you have. Let's first look at personalities and values.

Your General Personalities and Values: Starting and running a business is a big decision and responsibility, and should be taken seriously and not rushed into. Before creating a list of small business ideas, make sure you really know yourself - what you're qualified to do. Some people can do this on their own fairly well, whereas others should probably find a Business Coach or business consultant.

Know what you will work real hard at for long periods of time whenever required, and what you can afford. These are some of the important factors that needs to be considered. Also, some people:

1) have so many ideas they can't figure out which business might be perfect for them,

2) have "deep down" ideas for a new business in their sub-conscious, but could use some help and encouragement to bring them out to become conscious of them,

3) like the idea of working for themselves or starting a business, but need assistance in coming up with ideas, and/or

4) think that someday they should/could start a business, but they're not really sure they are ready or equipped yet; thinking about it makes them nervous.

What do all these people have in common? All of these people could benefit from some assistance from one or more people with experience in such matters, to get more focused. This will help them sort things out to decide 1) TO START a business, or 2) DECIDE NOT TO START a business.

For More Small Business Ideas, Ask
Yourself and Others the Following

Keep in mind, answering the following questions will help you increase your list of small business ideas. (Note: These will be some of the questions you'll be asked and need to think about if/when you decide to find a Business Coach, too!)

•  WHY do you want to have a business?

•  WHAT are all of your strengths, business experience, and reasons you feel you can succeed with your own business?

•  WHAT are your weaker areas you think you'll need (or DO need) help with?

•  WHAT resources (time, money, contacts, knowledge, etc.) do you have available personally and through others your know?

•  HOW specifically can these resources help you get started and keep going and growing?

•  WHAT other opportunities, options and possibilities do you have if you don't go into your own business, but work for someone else?

•  IF you already are running a business, how is it working out?

•  IF it's not working out that well, is this something you really want to, or feel you have to, continue with? Why or why not?

Your ideas about a new business and your decision will impact the rest of your life in more ways than you may imagine! If this is what you're contemplating, I will be happy to discuss this with you. If you would consider this, click on the contact me page.

Lists of Small Business Ideas: Business Names Ideas

Did you know that what name you choose for business can be the difference between success and failure? Yes, it can! When coming up with ideas for business names, make sure they are MEMORABLE, they instill the type of FEELING you want to project, it's easy enough to PRONOUNCE and SPELL and, if the name conveys what the business does, so much the better!

More Lists of Small Business Ideas: Potential Markets!

If you're going to continue this process, and possibly focus on starting a small or home-based business, merge your passions and abilities with needs that people and/or businesses have that aren't currently well filled by other businesses. Here's a list of small business ideas discussing potential market possibilities:

1) Services - think about what it is that people want to have done around the house or for their business. Focus on those tasks that people simply don't enjoy doing or don't have the time or ability to do himself or herself. Zero in on those types of ideas and see what comes to mind - everyone has a skill to offer in one area or another. Examples might include: personal shopping, interior decorating, website building, window washing, car repairs, grocery shopping for shut-ins, catering children's birthday parties, or the like.

2) Seasonal niches - Did you know seasonal gigs can be very lucrative, especially if you're willing to do something different during the summer months than you are during the winter months? Examples might be: landscaping in the summer and snow removal during the winter; window washing during the summer and ceiling cleaning during the winter; being a professional Santa during the holidays and dressing up in other costumes for special events the rest of the year. One spring business idea is to help people prepare and plant vegetable gardens.

3) Watch the trends - Do you have a good eye and ear for what products or services are up and coming? If so, there is most likely a list of small business ideas lurking somewhere in those news stories! Some of the most successful small business owners have come up with a product or service that compliments something new that comes into the market.

4) Niche markets - there are thousands of niche markets that larger companies just don't want to take the time to address (they have bigger fish to fry), so these areas of the market present perfect opportunities for creating a list of small business ideas from which to choose. Do you see a particular market being underserved? How about a target market that isn't being addressed in a certain area? Target these areas and provide exactly what the customers are begging for!

5) Home based businesses - home-based businesses should at least make your list of small business ideas during the brainstorming stage. Depending on where you live, you may be able to store inventory, have home parties or catalog parties, and create a client base from whom you receive re-orders on a regular basis. You also work to build a team of people who do the same thing and eventually build an excellent small business working your own hours, on your own terms, and with people you really enjoy. Examples of these types of businesses include (but aren't limited to) jewelry, scrap booking supplies, air purifiers, water purifiers, candles, and home decor.

6) Sewing from home - sew clothing, quilts, home decor, baby blankets, and totes to make a bit of extra cash. Market your wares online and at craft fairs.

7) Freelance writing - the Internet has provided a whole new host of ways to become a small business owner. Freelance writing encompasses many different styles of writing, both for web content and for published materials that people still enjoy today (magazines, books, newspapers). Surround yourself with a few great clients and you'll have a budding small business before you realize what happened.

8) Photographer - digital cameras have opened up brand new opportunities for even amateur photographers. If you have an "eye" for capturing people, landscapes, or animals, you could very well have a great small business idea already.

9) Write e-books! - Can you write well? Do you have extensive knowledge you can share with others on a specific niche? If so, consider writing and sell e-books; it's possible to write them and market them much more quickly than you might think. Hey, if you've got a good business mind, you could even write an ebook ftitled "List of Small Business Ideas!"

10) Find a Business Coach/Consultant (and/or BE one)! - Do you know how much people can truly benefit by having at least one trusted advisor to be very open with? Do you realize how often we can use help to guide us when we get a bit "lost" or "stuck" in our thinking and actions? The right person could even help come up with a list of small business ideas just right for you!

Various types of coaching or consulting is an excellent way to help people in different areas of life. And, it is something that can be done part-time and, depending on the type of coaching, it can pay quite well. It's something certain retired people should consider as well; older people have a "lifetime of experience", and often enjoy using their knowledge to help others!

•  •  •  •  •

Summary of List of Small Business Ideas

•  It's Usually Not so Easy Realize that starting a business from scratch is typically much harder and more expensive than you think; often it takes THREE times more time and money than one realizes! And turning around a failing business can be even more challenging.

•  Why Businesses Fail Most new independent businesses fail within 3-5 years, and it's often because 1) they weren't as well planned out as they should have been, 2) more money was needed than budgeted, and 3) more work and time was required than first thought.

•  Do your Homework Know who you are and think about general market possibilities and later narrow down your options to more specific types of businesses.

•  Make it Right for YOU! When you're creating a list of small business ideas or looking at what others have successfully done, be sure to be true to yourself. What is it you love to do? Follow your passion and put the knowledge you've already acquired - that you want to continue to build on - to good use. A small business is a unique creation, so make it one that you'll enjoy and will want to grow for years to come. Having passion for what you do will make the time it takes seem easier and worth the effort it requires.

•  How About a Franchise? Consider owning a franchise. It will greatly increase your chances for success because you will be using a proven model that has been successful to others already. But once again, the choice of the franchise you pick is extremely important!

•  •  •  •  •

Hopefully, this list of small business ideas has helped you better sort out things you may be considering. With a well thought-out plan, some creativity and assistance (feel free to contact me), you could become a successful business owner before you know it, like I did. (See the bottom of this website for specific, quick steps.) Make a good plan and go for it! If you can't do it on your own, look for and find a good business coach, someone you're real comfortable with and trust.

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