Our Business Coaching Client Types
Face Various Challenges

Below are some typical business coaching client
types, with challenges we often work on.

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Time Management in the Workplace
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Telephone Sales Skills

Procrastination and Depression
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Various Business Client Challenges

BusinessTuneUps (Larry Rudwick) works with a many types of business clients. Each have their own unique set of goals they'd like to attain, as well as various client challenges that must be taken into consideration. When formulating a plan to attain their goals, the challenges and obstacles in the path must be known and worked through or worked around.

Here are some of the challenges that business prospects and clients often tell me they face:

  • Time Management Skills "are not good enough. I need to work on them and improve them."
  • Not Enough Money "for all the things our organization really needs"
  • The Depressed Economy "is making it very hard to stay in business."
  • Speaking of Depression: "I've been feeling quite sluggish and blah lately, and getting less things done."
  • Employee Problems: "Why don't my people show up to work on time, and put in a full days work?"
  • Government Red Tape: "All these government forms and requirements are killing my business."
  • Self-Motivation: "It's hard for me to wake up every day and go to work."
  • Lack of Sales: "Why aren't my sales people producing more business?"
  • Too Much Overhead: "Our gross profits aren't even covering our fixed costs."
  • Compensation Dilemmas: "How can we tweak our compensation plans to motivate our staff?"
  • Marketing and PR: "I'm not sure how effective our marketing dollars are."
  • Procrastination Issues: "I just don't seem to get around to making my good intentions happen."
  • Reactive vs. Pro-active: "We spend too much of our time dealing with problems instead of getting ahead."
  • Lack of Focus: "I don't have a current written plan at all, and the things I typically get done are probably not the most important things to do."

Here are some of the POSITIVE challenges and opportunities that business prospects and clients often prefer to face:

  • Whoa Business: "I think we're growing TOO fast."
  • Which Investor To Choose: "Which funding proposal is best for us?"
  • What NOW :-): "What should we do with the extra money we now have from profits?"
  • Staffing Choices: "Which salesmen should we hire?"
  • Comp Plans: "How should we best incentivize our staff?"
  • Last Step?: "Should we sell out for stock or cash?"

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Here are some additional challenges that solo-preneur prospects and clients often face:

  • Feast or Famine: "I'm either TOO BUSY of NOT BUSY ENOUGH."
  • Delegation Issues: "Everything falls on me to do. Things would be so much better if I had someone to help me. But can I afford it?"
  • Keeping Things in Perspective: "I've never done this before; it sometimes seems scary."
  • Keeping Things in Priority Order: "I have so much to do. I don't know where to begin."
  • Self-Confidence: "I've been losing confidence lately. Maybe I shouldn't have started this business."
  • Balance Issues: "I'm making good money, but I have no personal life." Or, "My wife and kids hardly know me anymore."

Range of Executive and Business Client Types

Business Client Types

Here is a list of the types of business I've worked with, including some of the industries:

Married Coaching Client Types
  • Small and Midsize Manufacturers and Distributors: jewelry manufacturing, biotech, monthly magazines, construction firms
  • Retail Establishments : furniture department stores, vacuum cleaner and sewing machine repairs and sales, medical supplies stores
  • "Mom and Pop" family-owned businesses run by married couples or relatives. Here's one of the small business coaching articles Larry wrote: "Does Marriage Get in the Way of Family Business?"

  • Organizations helping to network other businesses together: barter companies, business networking groups
  • Hi-Tech businesses: biotech, computer software, computer networking
  • Start-Ups during early planning and after the doors are opened
  • Very Established Businesses started many years ago
  • Service Businesses : housecleaning services, furniture repair and refinishing, financial advisers, PR and advertising agencies, pest control companies
  • Businesses looking to merge or get acquired

Individual and Executive Client Types

  • Solopreneurs such as song-writers, bookwriters, and personal trainers
  • Working Executives that may be dissatisfied with their current position, or are ready for some type of changes
  • Executives Looking for Work that may need some encouragement and incite into work areas to look into

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Does your situation fit into
any of these client types?

No two situations are identical, but no one has a totally unique situation or challenge either.

You can improve yourself. If you are interested in contacting me to discuss yours, it's easy, just click to contact me here! I'll be pleased to give you some thoughts to consider.