Smart Goal Setting Activities - Tips, Strategies, Steps

Smart Goal Setting Activities

The goal setting activities of writing out and setting smart goals
are the most important steps people can do to improve their
businesses, careers and personal situations from 2011 to 2012.

Implementing smart goal setting activities and strategies are what successful people do, yet only about 3% of us do it on are own, without the encouragement of others. Here is why writing down and setting smart goals and resolutions is so important, and included on this smart goals website.

Please ask yourself:
"Would YOU be willing to make a few simple changes to
improve your business, career and/or personal life?"

This business radio segment features Larry Rudwick discussing goal setting activities....

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Why is Goal Setting Important?

Setting Smart Goals - Why Do It?

Goal Setting Activities

Here are reasons why goal setting strategies to setting written goals are the most important steps to making positive changes!

• Goals are your Destination Would you go on a vacation without knowing where you're traveling to? Isn't what you want for the remainder of your life so much more important than a single vacation? Assuming you agree, then doesn't it make sense to spend significant energy focusing on what you want out of life, writing it down on paper, and announcing it to others? Doing this will increase your chances for positive change.

• Without defined goals, people tend to drift. Drifting can be FUN and can have a few POSSIBLE benefits if done for a very brief period; perhaps you'll get to know yourself better, get an opportunity to "reboot", like being on a vacation.

But drifting without setting smart goals for a long period, will waste your time and other resources. Learning to stay focused and "in the moment" will benefit you greatly.

• Just Be Aware!: There ARE successful people who seem to always have good "luck" without setting goals. But when I find out more about them, it has always turned out that it's just an illusion! They DO utilize goal setting activities and related strategies to succeed - yet they just appear not to plan and be lucky!

Some of these people are "actors" who know how to groom this image to their advantage. So don't be fooled; if they make it look too easy to be true, there is more to their "luck" than meets the eye!

So, why set written goals? If you're interested in doing what it takes to get what you really want (your GOALS), figure out what they are, and do the goal setting activities that successful people do!

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Tips/Ideas for SMART Goal Setting Activities

Now that you know: "Why is goal setting important?", it's time to learn HOW.

Questions: Would you like to know tips on how to set goals? What's involved in personal goal setting? Should I be writing goals down? Should I use a goal setting worksheet? What simple, smart goal setting activities should I use?

• Key factors in making changes are 1) knowing where you really "are", 2) knowing where you want "to go", 3) "mapping out" the course in writing, 4) having the necessary resources to succeed on all the necessary steps, as well as the COMMITMENT! and 5) getting the help from at least one trusted person who is experienced in planning things out and implementing positive change.

Goal Setting Activities - Here's a 7-step process you can use:

* STEP 1 - Ask Yourself: What Do you want to Change? Lose Weight? Earn More Money? Quit Keeping Junk around the house? Socialize more?

Need more help? Check out these Top New Years Resolutions. They might stimulate some ideas.

• STEP 2 - Make Practical Goals: Your goals should "fit in" to what you're interested in and good at. If your goals are not practical (too hard, too time-consuming, too expensive, etc.), you'll quit before you reach them.

• STEP 3 - Make a First Pass: If these goal setting activities are new to you, just think of things you like, that you do well, that will be good for you, and that you want to do more of. WRITE THEM DOWN. It's usually best to save them in a file that's easily found on your computer!

• STEP 4 - Figure how much time & resources will they take to do? Try your best to estimate this. You need to balance the payback with the likely costs. Some goals could give you a payback within a year, and once in a while you can recoup your investment within a month!

• STEP 5 - Prioritize Your Goals: You can't do all of them at once. Put them in a logical order: "Priority A" goals should be done first. These are most important: they may have the biggest payback for the effort required, and/or may be something you absolutely HAVE TO do right away!

• STEP 6 - Figure out Realistic Completion Dates: Writing down expected completion dates will likely reduce temptations to procrastinate.

• STEP 7 - Revisit Your Goals Frequently: Your goals will evolve over time. As you complete some, create new ones! High priority goals that don't get completed may not really be high priority after all. (Or maybe you're procrastinating.)

Use the "Save As" function on your computer to make new versions of your goals. When you complete a goal, move it to a "Completed" are of your Word Document. Save and review the old versions from time to time. Doing this will likely: 1) help you refocus on what your goals truly are (do they stay consistent?), 2) give you a sense of accomplishment when you go back and see what you've gotten done, and 3) help you stay motivated.

• GENERAL COMMENTS - Stay Real: Take off the rose-colored glasses. Don't think you can complete goals in an unrealistically short time period. Expect to have unexpected setbacks occasionally (that's why they're unexpected)!

On the flip side, don't set your goals too low and give yourself too much time to complete them.

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Goal Setting Activities - Don't forget Your Obstacles!

Once you complete your goal setting activities, your next step is to evaluate the obstacles that are getting in the way of obtaining your goals.

Please listen to this business radio segment featuring Larry Rudwick discussing how to evaluate the obstacles in your way....

Conclusions about Setting Smart Goals

These goal setting activities will likely help you to obtain things you may never have thought possible. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Knowing what you want generally comes first. It's up to you to put the pieces together. And it's better to have help.

If you have questions about this process, or would like to discuss this with me, please feel free to contact me through this website (no charge/no obligation!)

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