Business Plans

Do you have any current written business plans? Most small businesses are "run by the seat of their pants" without a written plan, so don't be ashamed if you don't have one! But please consider writing one.

Why have a written plan? Is your organization at all "complex" (meaning it has a number of interrelated elements)? Do you want your company to grow (ie. make changes for the positive)? If so, you must first figure out what elements you may need to change and what impact(s) these changes may have on other elements. It can get complicated!

These potential changes will likely impact what certain people's new responsibilities and authority will become. Lack of communication and confusion can easily follow, and your efforts could "go backward".

Keep it Simple, Stupid! Change is often difficult; unless new processes, procedures and job descriptions are CLEARLY "mapped out" and properly communicated, undesirable changes will likely occur! Without clear, simple-to-read steps that gets studied and reviewed periodically, you will likely lose some focus and waste valuable time and money. Use the K.I.S.S. principle!

Keep it Brief! You won't need long, drawn-out documents unless you are applying for bank loans, venture capital money, etc. Often, only 2-4 pages is all that is needed.

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