Executive Coaching

Why executive coaching? "It's lonely at the top". How true
that is for many CEOs and small business owners

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In many organizations, the person "on top" is often the last to know certain specific information that, on the surface, may not seem that big or important, but actually may have a significant negative affect on operations.

Often his/her key people won't inform him/her about problems for fear of the boss "killing the messenger", not wanting to upset the boss, and/or a host of other, not necessarily obvious, reasons. Sometimes the CEO just appears unapproachable.

Have one or more outside trusted advisors working with an CEO can be extremely helpful. A good coach/consultant is someone who is well respected; the CEO will normally feel comfortable talking very openly and candidly. It's different and potentially better than having a business partner to work with.

But this is NOT ONLY for the CEO's direct benefit. This process is really about team-building and leadership - encouraging your staff to want and take steps to study, learn and grow to benefit the organization and themselves, a true win-win.

Providing these new ways, opportunities and environments to learn and grow will encourage just that, and will set that organization apart from many others. The goal is to create some "transformations" within the organization over time, to make it more productive AND easier to manage. All while more enjoying being at work!

So, why consider hiring an executive coach/consultant? Your outside "partner" will challenge, encourage, consult, mentor and brainstorm with you to HELP YOU meet and exceeds the mission and goals that YOU choose to set.

This process encourages the CEO/client/owner to define and think through their challenges by answering key questions and gaining new insights. Furthermore, you will receive new thoughts and ideas to consider from group knowledge and experience.

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