Funny Procrastination Humor, Jokes and Quotes

Perhaps this somewhat funny procrastination humor and procrastination
jokes might help us focus on making great changes happen!

Do you ever procrastinate or use procrastination humor? Who doesn't? Sometimes it feels good to laugh about how we tend to put off important chores and make decisions to do something different than what we probably should be doing. The definition of procrastination is: to delay, stall, hesitate, put off, or lag. Depending on the situation, procrastination can be funny, depending on your perspective, of course.

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Serious procrastination quotes have their place, too. This quote sums it up:

"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal
hanging on of an uncompleted task."

- William James

Do you agree?

Funny procrastination quotes have their place as well. You probably are aware that if you continuously put off what you know you need to do, you'll feel there is a cloud overhead. But sometimes seeing humor in depressing situations re-focuses our attention, makes us feel better, and then we're ready to take action. That's a good thing when it works that way!

Procrastination Humorous Jokes:
You Might Be a Procrastinator if...

In an effort to make you laugh (or at least smile), here is some funny procrastination humor that you might like:

You purchase new socks and unmentionables ... instead of washing the mountain of laundry on the floor. This certainly shows how impressive you truly are, since you obviously are able to find much more important things to do than laundry.

You're in pajamas (hope THEY'RE clean)... 15 minutes before you need to be somewhere professionally, (and you DON'T model pajamas for a living!)

You're dressing in the car on the way to your own wedding ... instead of being at the church on time. Perhaps you don't realize that you're losing the opportunity to be nervous around the people already at church who are looking forward to seeing you that way.

You're opting to eat popcorn and watch a movie ... despite having work reports due in an hour. Keep doing it and your boss may give you a long-term opportunity to watch AS MANY MOVIES AS YOU WANT!

You've caused a backup on the Interstate because you can't decide which exit to take. Maybe you need to "text" someone for directions. This procrastination humor might literally crack you up - lol

There is a line out the door of the coffee shop, thanks to YOU KNOW WHO ... you can't decide if you want regular or decaf. Maybe if you made your own coffee at home, you might be alert and focused enough to bipass the coffee shop altogether.

You buy these books about procrastination ... but you never get around to reading them.

You keep checking Facebook every two minutes ... instead of working on that crucial newsletter...hey, you might miss something "important".

Alternatively, why DON'T you do something important? Then you could write about it on Facebook. And I don't mean telling people you were actually able to DECIDE what type of coffee you wanted to order, nor that you made an executive decision NOT to watch Facebook every two minutes!

Get the idea?...

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Procrastination Quotes to
Make You Think...

Here are some quotes about procrastination humor that might make you think a bit more about how this unproductive habit could be robbing you blind. If you feel you procrastinate too much, would you like to finally get up, get organized, set your priorities, and stop procrastinating?!?!

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday."
- Don Marquis

What is it that you should AND CAN accomplish today? If you have set written goals for your personal and professional life, you'll understand that some tasks can be put off until some time later...but not indefinitely. Do today what should/can be done today and then re-evaluate the list again tomorrow.

"Procrastination is the thief of time."
- Edward Young

Do you like the idea of someone stealing from you? When procrastination takes hold of your life, did you know?: you're stealing from yourself! You're allowing this nasty habit to steal the potential joy, fun, opportunities, and love right out from under you.

Would you like to reduce what
procrastination may be stealing from you?

If so, there are several (no-cost) things I suggest you do: 1) Watch/listen to the video at the top of the making great changes happen page, 2) sign up for our monthly newsletter and 3) feel free to contact me. Just call 571-331-6102; I will be happy to speak with you.

Conclusions: Procrastination humor can be funny, but only to a point. There are some people who routinely put off important tasks to the point of sometimes losing their businesses or jobs (or potential promotions), as well as the respect and trust of others. And that's NOT funny.

But procrastination does happen to all of us at one time or another, and to varying degrees. When procrastination is not under control, we'll likely experience loss in many areas of our life. Part of it reminds me how sad and wasteful procrastination truly is: it takes away from our true potential as individuals, and it actually reduces what we achieve as a society.

Are you TRULY happy with your own situation? Do you ever think about how much better you could do "if only" this or that happened, or were accomplished? Do you feel you/we have potential that seems to be alluding you/us?

Would you be interested in "making great changes happen", if it weren't too difficult? If the answers to any of these questions is YES, then don't procrastinate. As Nike says (without procrastination humor): "Just do it!"