Low Hanging Fruit Business Analogy, Jargon, Cliche

The Wizard of Oz illustrates the principles and meaning of low hanging fruit.
It's an interesting and powerful business analogy and cliche, too!

The definition of the "low hanging fruit" principle means to do the simple, easy work first. It is a great business principle and an important practice to follow. That's why this page is included on our executive coaching website. Find out how the principle of low hanging fruit applies to these famous characters we all know about!

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low hanging fruit principle

So I bet many of you are wondering: "What the heck is this TuneUpGuy talking about? And how does business analogies apply to this scene when the Tinman was found in the woods?"

Well, I thought you would never ask! And it's really quite simple.

So, there he was - the Tinman - all rusted up. He could hardly move, he could barely make a sound. He seemed more than ready for the junk heap. Sell him for scrap metal!

But then what happened? Dorothy came along with an oil can! And - voila - the Tinman got a few shots of oil and he was as good as new. No, I think he became even better than new!

Principles of Low Hanging Fruit

Just think about it. A few drops of oil - cost just a few cents of petroleum and took just a few minutes to apply.

And, voila - it fixed something/someone with tremendous potential and value. In this case, Dorothy did a tune up on the tinman!! It was simple and easy to do, and it had great value for the minimum amount of work required.

We just mustn't forget that there are most likely people, situations, and physical THINGS all around us much of the time that can be improved, often quite easily. Often, a little bit of focus and concentration will improves things for us and/or for others.

We just need to look, pay attention, and be prepared to take action! So, pick the "low hanging fruit" first, and then look for the others things that are still quite do-able and have nice rewards. For example, if you have 2 business opportunities that will earn you $1,000, and one would take an hour to do, and the other would take 40 hours to do, do the one that only takes an hour FIRST!

And don't forget the "Golden Rule": "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In other words, treat others the way you like to be treated.

And guess what?: When BusinessTune-Ups works with people, the TuneUpGuy looks for the low-hanging fruit first, too: the simple, easy, low-cost improvements first, those that will give you a great return (or payback) very quickly!

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Nothing to Lose, Something to Gain!

Hopefully this page, about the low hanging fruit principle (and business analogy), has made you think! Various principles and knowledge (many actually quite simple) can very powerfully improve businesses, careers and everyday personal lives, when properly learned and applied. For example, with well thought-out goals and plans, people can usually do much better and become more content.

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Low Hanging Fruit Joke

This funny, humorous "tragedy" may make you smile, if you don't find it too silly! :-)