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The executive assessment is a good step to get to know yourself better
and jump-start YOU toward effectively achieving YOUR goals.

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Would you like to focus on a business with employees, improve your career potential, or do you have some other challenge or opportunity you want some help and guidance thinking through? If so, this process is where we would typically begin in the executive coaching process.

Would you like a great way to start to clarify many relevant factors, such as: YOUR goals, obstacles currently in YOUR way, YOUR strengths & challenges, etc.? If you own or manage a business, we will also focus on your organization while we're doing the executive assessment.

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Steps to doing an Executive Assessment

Before doing the steps below, here's a good way to do a little "homework" first. Have you listened to the abbreviated video of Making Great Changes Happen? Have you subscribed to our monthly e-newsletter? If so, you should be ready for the following:

1) Initial Conversation: We first will talk with each other on the phone or meet in person. Have you signed up for a complimentary initial chat so we can get to know each other a little? You also will receive the "Ten Questions that can Improve My Life!", ten very to-the-point initial questions.

2) You will respond: You begin by answering the TEN QUESTIONS. They may really "make you think"! If you need help with figuring out your goals, I suggest you read about goal setting activities. After you answer the questions, email your responses back to me.

3) I will respond: Then I will study your initial responses and write out comments and follow-up questions for you to read and consider. I will email my thoughts and questions back to you.

4) We will correspond again: We have now started to "drill down" to further clarify and sometimes even question your original responses. To a degree, this step double-checks you to see that what you first said the first go-round is what you mean, want and/or believe. Obviously, it's better not to start to go down any wrong paths!

Therefore, you will respond to my follow up questions and email them back to me. Then we will both be prepared to talk with each other again.

5) We will talk again: We will go over our thoughts about what we've learned so far through this process. I will tell you what directions I think make sense for you to consider. And we will talk about whether we feel it makes sense for us to consider continuing to work together.

Note: If you are not able or desire to work by email over the Internet, we will discuss other arrangements.

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Questions about the Executive Assessment Process?

Is this something you may be interested in? Would you like to find out more, such as:

•  What ARE the "Ten Questions that can Improve My Life?"

•  What are more specifics about this process?

•  What does an Executive Assessment cost?

•  Is there any special pricing available?

The answers to these questions are located on the page with the full version of the "Making Great Changes Happen" video. The link for this page is available when you first sign up for the monthly e-newsletter. Or you may contact me.

Find Out More about the Executive Assessment

If you want to find out more, you may sign up below (this will NOT commit you to the assessment). First, we will communicate, then ONLY IF you want to commit after speaking with me, you may do so. And I offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

This might be the perfect opportunity for you to focus on positive changes you may have been thinking about for a long time. Let's talk and see if you would like to work with me to figure out what simple steps will make a big difference to you! And, as I said above, you'll get to know yourself better.

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