Leadership Assessment Test: see strengths, growth
opportunities, hidden abilities, gain self-awareness

This leadership assessment test analyzes your key leadership qualities
such as self-control, resilience to change and difficulties, decisiveness

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Doing this leadership assessment test is an easy, quick and cost-effective way of better understanding yourself; it's usually a good early step to start to learn some new ways to achieve your goals. That's why I highly recommend it as a part of my executive coaching practice.

How the Leadership Assessment Test is Taken

This test is done by computer. You respond to over 200 multiple choices questions on a wide range of subjects. It requires about 30 minutes to complete, and may be finished in more than one sitting.

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Leadership Characteristics Snapshot

Below is the snapshot or the summary of the more than 15-page report you will receive after completing the leadership assessment test.

Column 1 is a list of the 18 Leadership Characteristics. Column 2 indicates the Leadership Characteristics which appear to be one of your strengths. Column 3 (with the magnifying glass) are Leadership Characteristics that appear to need to be focused on. Column 4 has the characteristics that may or may not be one of your strengths.

leadership assessment test

More About the Complete Report

The majority of the full report goes into detail about each of your Leadership Qualities, giving you a good idea of why you "scored" in each column. Depending on the person's results, it also gives specific recommendations of how to improve your leadership skills.

There are many benefits to taking this assessment. If you are open to leadership development, this will give you more self-awareness, so you will very quickly have a good idea of where to begin.

But you need not be a leader or supervisor at work to benefit. If you are a parent or in charge of something outside of work, the insight you receive will likely be well worth doing.

Note: This assessment is NOT just for managers, supervisors and owners. We are all leaders in various ways: as parents, in personal relationships, and in any situation where we are trying to influence one or more people.

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Sample Report Available!

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