Funny New Years Resolutions and Goals

2013-2014 Funny New Years resolutions are meant to
just be silly and humorous, nothing more. Or are they?

Funny New Years Resolutions
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How about Making Some New Years Resolutions?
Funny New Years Resolutions
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We all know that each and every January, resolutions are made with conviction, only to be dropped like a hot potato some time before February as unattainable, or just plain boring. We vow to lose weight, spend more quality time with our spouse and children, get strong and buff, and even to quit smoking or drinking in order to become healthier.

All seriousness aside, here are some silly, hilarious and/or funny New Years resolutions that might just make you laugh. Joking around and laughter can really be the best medicine at times, even when you're facing challenges and want to make great changes happen.

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2013-2014 Silly and Funny New Years Resolutions

"I hereby resolve to:"

•  1) Actually work from home on my telecommuting days.

•  2) Get dressed before noon...or at the very least, before the video conferencing call with my boss.

•  3) Less e-mailing? Cancel at least a few of the 9 or 10 e-mail accounts I currently have.

•  4) Not talk on my cell phone while in the bathroom doing - - - (you finish this sentence).

•  5) Never pull away from the gasoline pump ... with the hose still in the tank (darn those cell phone calls).

•  6) Try and drive at or under the speed limit ... at least when I'm not hungry, tired or late.

•  7) Watch more television -it IS the "window into the world", right?

•  8) Keep my opinions to myself (yeah, right).

•  9) Get two friends to START smoking ... that way I'll feel less guilty that I don't seem able to quit.

•  10) Play harder, work less ... who needs a paycheck anyway?

•  11) Wear something other than sweat pants to the grocery store

•  12) Stop repeating myself again, and again, and again.

•  13) Wear something other than sweat pants to the grocery store ... oops ... there I go again!

•  14) Stop procrastinating ... (I think I just might start next month).

•  15) Enjoy the sweeter side of life - M&Ms, Hershey kisses, candy corns, and cheesecake and ...

•  16) Gain some weight - I think I caught a glimpse of one of my ribs in the mirror yesterday.

•  17) Read something this year ... other than the comics.

•  18) Drive myself to the fitness center when I feel like going from now on ... because walking there makes me perspire.

•  19) Stop leaving my dirty gym socks lying in the middle of the floor. I'll leave them on the kitchen table, where they're easier to reach.

•  20) Kick the caffeine habit - hey, why does my over-sized coffee mug smell like sweaty socks?

•  21) Read those books I bought 5 years ago on "how to improve my memory" ... I keep forgetting to read them.

•  22) Be more decisive ... I'll absolutely try to attempt to think about resolving to be more decisive, if I possibly can.

•  23) Quit making those SAME excuses ... I make the same excuses each year, why I'll do better next year, and it's getting pretty old - this year I resolve to come up with some new excuses instead.

Did you get some smiles and maybe a few laughs? Probably some of these funny New Years Resolutions didn't "fit" you at all. But hopefully some of them talked to you on some level, and maybe made you think a bit about some aspects of your life.

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Funny New Years Resolutions - A Bit More Serious

More seriously, the reason most people make resolutions and set goals is because they are discontent with the state or size of their body, mind, or bank account. But, the majority of us toss aside most of the serious resolutions we make for ourselves within a few days or weeks.

Check this out for laughs - NOT! :-) If you're not used to setting goals or resolutions, you would benefit by getting some help for an experienced person, such as a business coach. Important goals and top New Years Resolutions must "fit the person", and this is often hard or virtually impossible to do well alone. If you're interested, just contact me. (It's a complimentary service - SERIOUSLY!)

So, here's a suggestion - why not try this? Begin with just a few resolutions and see how it goes. Remember: It typically takes commitment and a few months of practice with few or no "slips" to develop new habits. To help people do this, I have created a way to jumpstart positive change for free. It takes just 2 hours. For details, click the box below:

Jumpstart Your Business Career

If and when you become discouraged, come back and visit our funny New Years resolutions page just to have a good laugh (we'll be adding more) - then get back to the business at hand: your real resolutions and goals ;-)

Nothing to Lose, Something to Gain!

Hopefully this page, about the funny new years resolutions, has made you laugh AND think! Various principles and knowledge (many actually quite simple) can very powerfully improve businesses, careers and everyday personal lives, when properly learned and applied. For example, with well thought-out goals and plans, people can usually do much better and become more content.

My name is Larry Rudwick and if you are the type of person that likes to learn, grow and achieve more happiness and contentment, I invite you to look around this website. I suggest you see the bottom of this page for specific, quick, and FREE steps about making positive changes. And feel free to sign up below for my monthly e-newsletter (sent by email) to get various tips about getting ahead!

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