2012 New Years Resolutions for Kids Today:
(Children, Tots, Preschoolers, Teenagers)

New Years resolutions for kids, children and teens are important goal
setting activities to help our next generation survive and thrive.
(written by executive business coach, consultant Larry Rudwick)

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Why is Goal Setting Important?

Millions of adults make New Years resolutions each January only to find they just don't keep them for the most part. If most adults fail at this, why should kids even attempt it?

Why Make New Years Resolutions for Kids?

It's like asking: "Why is goal setting important?"

Humans are creatures of habit. The earlier in life we learn to practice healthy, productive activities, 1) the more years we can use these good skills and 2) the more we can build on these skills over our lifetimes.

It's a good parenting to begin at a young age teaching and training children about goals and steps they can use to meet (or even exceed) those goals. So, New Years Resolutions for Kids can be the first introduction to the idea of setting goals, especially for the youngest ones. For teens, it can be a continuation of learning how to set goals in life and attain them; they are quickly reaching a point where they'll have to consider college and/or a full time job/career.

The key to resolutions is to make them attainable. As with adults, this is very important when you are helping children come up with resolutions of their own. It doesn't matter how small of a "goal" it seems to be, write it down for them and encourage them to stick with it!

Need Some Help? If you're not used to setting goals or resolutions, you would benefit by getting some help for an experienced person, such as a business coach. Important goals and top New Years Resolutions must "fit the person", and this is often hard or virtually impossible to do well alone. If you're interested, just contact me. (It's a complimentary service - SERIOUSLY!)

Ideas for New Years Resolutions for Kids

New Years Resolutions for Preschoolers

PRESCHOOLERS can be adorable, especially the well-mannered one. They inherently want to please and do things to "help", so why not give them "special projects" and opportunities? They're fully capable of the following:

•  Put dirty clothes into the hamper

•  Put clean clothes away

•  Put clothes back into the proper place

•  Wash hands whenever appropriate (they'll need some prompting!)

•  Brushing teeth 2 times a day

•  Play hard every day (have fun!)

•  Learn colors, shapes

•  Scissor skills

New Years Resolutions for Elementary School Age Children

Elementary school children are learning new things left and right during these years. It's a fun time of watching them develop and encouraging them to do their best in every area of their life. Resolutions at the beginning of a new year can help them in that endeavor. Here are some ideas for New Years resolutions for kids between the ages of 6 and 12.

•  Try a new food every day - it must be a fruit, vegetable, protein, or whole grain

•  Drink at least 3-4 cups of milk daily - add it in slowly if needed

•  Add a new vegetable to the plate a few times a week

•  Get away from the video games, television, and computer and spend more time being active (i.e.; sports, walking, hiking)

•  Practicing safety - wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle, scooter, or roller blades

•  Setting the table for dinner

•  Sorting laundry into three separate hampers 2 x per week (or however many times is needed) so clothes are ready for mom to wash

•  Dust and vacuum their own bedroom (children 7 and up)

•  Unload the dishwasher each morning and re-load throughout the day

•  Be a good friend

New Years Resolutions for Teenagers (Adolescents, Juveniles)

Teenagers are stretching their boundaries and their "wings" during these exciting and challenging years. These years are an excellent time to learn how to look beyond themselves and see the world and how they can fit into it and make it better. These are a few ideas for helping teenagers arrive at a few resolutions.

•  Promise to volunteer in the community in some capacity at least once a week or a few times a month

•  Promise to kept lines of communication open with parents as much as possible - agree to talk about the tough things when they come up (and they will)

•  Spend time with friends who are a good influence (and not ones who aren't)

•  If driving, resolve to drive safely and defensively

•  Resolve to resist the lure of alcohol, drugs, and other activities that could prove to be very detrimental to their life

•  Help around the house (chores) consistently without being hounded

Implementing New Years Resolutions for Kids

Once you arrive at this list of New Years Resolutions for Kids and teens in your home, help them to achieve these goals. Parents, it's key for you to praise your children when they achieve their resolutions! For younger children, it may even be helpful to create a chart so you can track progress. This is especially helpful if your child is a visual learner.

Most of all, use the New Year as a training ground to help your children become the adults you desire them to be when they grow up - hard working, dedicated to family, and willing to reach out to others. And if it's not the New Year, find another reason to begin some new practices.

These New Years Resolutions for Kids are just the beginning of helping young people learn about setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Once mastered, there's lots more to learn after that!

Nothing to Lose, Something to Gain!

Hopefully this page, about New Years Resolutions for Kids, has made you think! Various principles and knowledge (many actually quite simple) can very powerfully improve businesses, careers and everyday personal lives, when properly learned and applied. For example, with well thought-out goals and plans, people can usually do much better and become more content.

My name is Larry Rudwick and if you like to learn, grow and achieve more happiness and contentment (and help others do so, too!), I invite you to look around this website. I suggest you see the bottom of this page for specific, quick, and FREE steps about making positive changes. And feel free to sign up below for my monthly e-newsletter (sent by email) to get various tips about getting ahead!

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