Why is Goal Setting Important?

Why is goal setting important? The theory of goal setting is if
you clearly define what you want, you'll much more likely succeed!

Sometimes a lesson on goal setting can become a key to getting more of what you want; that is why this page is included on our smart goals website. The importance of goal setting is basically the same regardless if you're setting business, career or work goals, or setting personal life goals such as for weight loss, financial planning, or even for reducing procrastionation, depression, or the symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

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Why Is Goal Setting Important

Reasons: Why IS Goal Setting Important?

Has anyone ever asked you: Why set smart goals? Or, what ARE your goals?

Just think of it like this: Pretend you're going on a journey. Your destinations - where you want to go - are your goals and what you want to achieve are your goals as well. Would you go on a journey without having one or more destinations? No goals/objectives? For no reason? Most people don't operate that way, unless their goal actually is to wander around and just see what happens. These are the reasons and answers for why is goal setting important.

In fact, one could say we're all going on a journey - the journey of life. The process of setting goals is vital in both your professional and personal life if you desire to be as successful as you can be!. As in sports, without a goal, how would you know what to shoot for? How to score?

Here's also Why Goal Setting IS Important

In some sense, for some people, it makes life and business almost into goal setting games, where you can "keep score", measure success, guide others to help you when practical, and much more.

Did you know? Very few people seem to know why goal setting is really important nor actually set written goals for themselves; most of us just don't think of it, or prefer to try to "coast" through life. Why is goal setting important? Those who have written goals are, in general, much more successful; they know what they want, and then figure out how to achieve it, often with the help of others.

The Good News! It's normally not that hard to set goals AND doing so will "put you ahead" of the vast majority of people. It's best when one 1) KNOWS why goal setting is important, 2) WANTS to set goals, 3) COMMITS to setting goals, and 4) MAKES A PLAN to achieve their goals.

Some Questions to Answer about Setting Goals

If you're curious about the definition of goal setting and how to set goals, here are some questions to ask yourself:

After you realize why setting goals is important, think about and figure out what you think you you want to accomplish:

• Over the very short term (over the next few days)?

• Over the short term (week/month)?

• Over the next year or two?

• In the long term (many years)?

Note: For help in setting goals, please see Smart Goal Setting Activities! Also, since setting goals is so important, you should show or discuss your tentative goals with one or more experienced that you really trust.

Potential Accomplishment with some Goal Setting Assistance

Often a little help from someone else can make a big difference. Here are more reasons why goal setting is important and what you'll accomplish by properly applying goal setting strategies:

You'll Stay More Focused - when you know what you really want to achieve, it greatly helps you to stay focused on what it takes to make it happen

You'll Stay More Positive - when you have a mission and you're making progress, you tend to stay positive

You'll Learn and Grow - when you set goals, you will likely be doing many new things; you'll be learning and growing and develop new abilities and habits that will help you do things you may never have thought of.

You'll Help Others More - this process will mostly give you more knowledge and a better attitude. These qualities are attractive to others and they will want to learn from you.

Celebrate the victories!

Always give yourself a pat on the back, or another treat, for reaching a small goal and then keep working hard to meet the next one, and the next one, and so forth. The small victories help you to see that you're making progress and that you're getting that much closer to achieving your bigger goals.

If you just started to realize the answer to: "Why is goal setting important?", perhaps you could benefit from some help from someone experienced in setting goals and helping others to set goals. A business coach is a great resource for helping people to brainstorm, plan, and achieve goals in both areas of your life. Consider contacting me - no charge - and see if I can help!

Plan to achieve not only your professional goals for your career, but your dreams too! They truly are attainable if you first use this powerful tool called goal setting.

Do you know what S.M.A.R.T. Goals often refers to?
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely!

SMART goal setting is really the first key step to making positive changes happen. To find out more about the simple, easy steps to setting goals, barriers to goal setting, examples of smart goals, and making position changes happen, just click below. And sign up for my Free Newsletter!