Enterprise Distribution Software

This enterprise distribution software was one of the keys to success
in Larry Rudwick's wheelchair parts business. Today it is used by
thousands of users, is available and fully supported to help
manufacturers and distributors improve their operations.

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Enterprise Manufacturing Software

This enterprise software, primarily used by manufacturers and distributors, has all of the features (and more!) that helped Larry become successful in his wheelchair parts business; Larry promotes this software to clients and prospects who can best utilize its robust features.

This fully-integrated sophisticated enterprise software includes loads of features you would expect on more expensive systems, such as from SAP and Oracle. This partial listing of standard features include:

    •  File Maintenance
    •  Order Processing
    •  Inventory Control
    •  Accounts Receivable
    •  Sales Analysis
    •  Purchasing
    •  Bill of Materials
    •  Production Scheduling
    •  Accounts Payable
    •  General Ledger
    •  General Management
    •  Production Scheduling

These systems been under continuous use and development for over 25 years and is fully supported.

It is primarily used by manufacturers and distributors with 10-1,000 employees, operating 5-100+ user systems - some having multiple locations.

Its optional sales and marketing, and contact management features are fully integrated and can help you improve the top and bottom line performance of your organization. Helps sales staff and customer service reps to better understand what each customer/client has purchased in the past AND will more likely purchase in the future!

Contact Larry Rudwick for more information and to arrange a demonstration. .

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